Swiss Open 2020

Der VZW führt den internationalen Swiss Open Wettkampf im Hallenbad Oerlikon (Google Maps) Ende Januar für Swiss Diving durch.

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Daten: 24.01.2020 - 26.01.2020

Bulletin [pdf]

Simple Results [pdf]

Detailed Results [pdf]

Swiss Championships Results [pdf]



Live results and latest information on DiveRecorder Live Meet.

List of confirmed entries [pdf].

List of registered divers by event [pdf].

Start list with dives [pdf].

The event uses DiveRecorder. Please enter our dive sheets directly online or use the DiveSheets facility to enter multiple divers at once. If you are unfamiliar with DiveRecorder or DiveSheets, please see this instruction document [pdf]

Important for Juniors: Please note the challenger concept outlined in the bulletin. If a diver is signed up for both a Juniors and an Elite event, then the optional dives (second dive group) of the juniors event MUST be present in the Elite dive sheet. The juniors perform these dives only once, in the prelims + optionals event, but the will count both towards the juniors and the prelim results. We will attempt to run a consistency checker on the dive sheets before the event but that requires timely submission of the dive sheets!

Entry Form [pdf], Anleitung zum Ausfüllen [pdf]



Preliminary time table, subject to small changes due to updated entries:

Tag Zeit (time) Wettkämpfe Competitions Sonstiges (misc)
16:00     Technische Sitzung (technical briefing)
16:30 Turm Junioren Pflicht platform, juniors required dives  
17:15 Turm Elite + Junioren Kür platform, mens/womens + juniors optionals  
18:00     Siegerehrungen (medal ceremony)
19:00     Athleten Abendessen (athletes dinner), Restaurant al dente
9:00     Technische Sitzung (technical briefing)
9:30 1m Knaben Pflicht 1m, boys A/B required  
10:30 3m Mädchen Pflicht 3m, girls A/B required  
11:20 1m Herren Vorkampf + Knaben Kür 1m, mens prelim + boys A/B optionals  
12:50 3m Damen Vorkampf + Mädchen Kür 3m womens prelim + girls A/B optionals
15:00 1m Herren Final 1m mens final  
15:50 3m Damen Final 3m womens final  
16:30     Siegerehrungen (medal ceremony)
16:45     Apéro im Hallenbad (reception at the pool)
8:30     Technische Sitzung (technical briefing)
9:00 1m Mädchen Pflicht 1m, girls A/B required  
10:00 3m Knaben Pflicht 3m, boys A/B required  
11:00 1m Damen Vorkampf + Mädchen Kür 1m womens prelim + girls A/B optionals  
12:00 3m Herren Vorkampf + Knaben Kür 3m, mens prelim + boys A/B optionals  
14:00 1m Damen Final 1m womens final  
14:50 3m Herren Final 3m mens final  
15:30     Siegerehrungen (medal ceremony)




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